Popular Nelson’s Port-A-Pit Chicken Recipe In The Oven

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What is Nelson’s?

Andy Nelson’s Barbecue is a Cockeysville, Maryland barbecue restaurant. Andy Nelson, a former Baltimore Colts safety and Super Bowl winner, founded the restaurant, which is known for its smoked hickory BBQ. Baltimore Magazine and the City Paper frequently name the eatery “Baltimore’s Best BBQ.”

Nelson’s Barbeque Restaurant originated in 1967 in Indiana where a director of a processing plant for poultry opened the restaurant that was designed to cook large quantities of chicken with the same quality as home cooking. Nelson’s is most well-known because of their “Port-a-Pit” chicken, which is a delicious barbecue-like glaze. Nelson’s doesn’t offer recipes to the general public but you can replicate the same taste at home by using just only a handful of ingredients.

Nelson’s Port-A-Pit Chicken Recipe In The Oven

Follow the Nelson’s Port-a-Pit Chicken Recipe ingredients and directions and make a perfect Port-A-Pit Chicken In The Oven like Nelson’s Barbeque Restaurant.

Nelson's Port-A-Pit Chicken Recipe
Nelson’s Port-A-Pit Chicken Recipe

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes Cook Time: 55 Minutes Total Time: 1 Hour 5 Minutes
Type: Main Dish Cuisine: American Yield: 12 Serving
Keyword: Nelson’s Port-A-Pit Chicken Recipe


Nelson's Port-A-Pit Chicken Recipe Ingredients
Nelson’s Port-A-Pit Chicken Recipe Ingredients

Equipment & Tools


Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F.

Mix butter, water, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce as well as minced cloves of garlic in a pan. Add salt, black pepper, and hot sauce. Heat the ingredients on medium-high heat.

Simmer the ingredients and stir continuously until the butter has melted as well as the spices are well-mixed.

In a roasting pan, place the chicken on a wire rack. Pour around 1.5 cups of sauce on the chicken.

The roasting pan is covered and put in the oven. 36 to 40 minutes to roast the chicken

Remove the chicken pieces from the oven and baste them with the leftover sauce. Cook the chicken for another 10 to 15 minutes in the covered pan.

Remove the chicken from the oven and insert an instant-read thermometer into the meat. If you touch any bone with the thermometer, the reading will be tampered with. Once the chicken is done the temperature should be at 165 degrees F.

Hot chicken is best served hot.

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Nutrition Information

Amount per serving And % Daily Values
Serving: 12 Calories: 741 | Total Fat 54.2g – 69% | Saturated Fat 22.1g – 111% | Cholesterol 61mg – 20% | Sodium 866mg – 38% | Total Carbohydrate 2.7g – 1% | Dietary Fiber 0.1g – 0% | Total Sugars 2.1g | Protein 61.7g | Vitamin D 16mcg – 79% | Calcium 11g – 1% | Iron 0mg – 1% | Potassium 574mg – 12%

The Percent Daily Value (DV) of a nutrient in a food serving indicates how much it contributes to a daily diet. The standard nutrition advice is 2,000 calories per day.


Nelson’s Port-A-Pit Chicken Recipe In The Oven is a must-try recipe. Nelson’s Chicken Recipe is a family recipe passed through generations. The Nelson’s Port-A-Pit Chicken Recipe requires about 55 minutes to cook. This tasty recipe is great for serving as the main dish during mealtimes or even during the festive season.

This recipe will delight your taste senses and provide a delectable meal. It’s easy to make and affordable and doesn’t require costly equipment.

Thank you for making the effort to visit my website and look around. I hope you enjoyed Nelson’s Port-A-Pit Chicken Recipe and should cook it at home. If you have any questions or recommendations, please leave them in the comments area.

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