James Hoffmann Chemex Recipe

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James Hoffmann Chemex Recipe
James Hoffmann Chemex Recipe

what is James Hoffmann Chemex Recipe?

James Hoffmann’s Chemex recipe is a popular way to make delicious coffee using a Chemex coffee maker. In his recipe, he recommends using 30 grams of coffee for every 500 ml of water.

First, you’ll need to grind your coffee beans to a medium-coarse consistency, similar to sea salt. Then, place a Chemex paper filter in the brewing cone and rinse it with hot water to remove any paper taste.

Next, add the ground coffee to the filter and pour hot water over it, starting with a small amount to bloom the coffee. After blooming, slowly pour the rest of the water over the grounds in circular motions. Allow the coffee to drip through the filter for about 4 minutes. Once brewed, serve and enjoy!

The Ingredients & Tools Needs For James Hoffmann Chemex

The ingredients and Tools are as follows:


Coffee Beans: You will need 60 grams of freshly roasted coffee beans. Use Amazon Fresh or Its Delish brand roasted coffee beans to get the best result.

James Hoffmann Chemex Recipe Ingredients
James Hoffmann Chemex Recipe Ingredients

Water: You will need 1 liter of hot water to make this James Hoffmann Chemex coffee.

Equipment & Tools:

You will need a Coffee Grinder, Stove, Kettle, Chemex Coffee Maker, Chemex Paper Filters, Measuring Cup, Measuring Spoon, and Serving Glass.

So, let’s see How To Make the James Hoffmann Chemex Recipe at Home!

James Hoffmann Chemex Recipe

James Hoffmann Chemex Recipe

Josephen & Animash
Follow this James Hoffmann Chemex Recipe ingredients and directions to make the perfect Chemex Coffee like James Hoffmann.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 2
Calories 1 kcal

Equipment & Tools

  • Coffee Grinder
  • Stove
  • Kettle
  • Chemex Coffee Maker
  • Chemex Paper Filters
  • Measuring Cup
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Serving Glass



  • Begin by boiling water in a kettle.
  • While the water is heating, place a Chemex paper filter in the brewing cone of the Chemex. Ensure the side with multiple folds faces the spout.
  • Rinse the paper filter with hot water to remove any paper taste and preheat the Chemex. Discard the rinse water.
  • Grind your coffee beans to a medium-coarse consistency, similar to sea salt.
  • Add the ground coffee to the rinsed paper filter in the Chemex. Gently shake to level the coffee bed.
  • Once the water has reached around 200°F (93°C), start the brewing process.
  • Begin by pouring about 120 ml of water (twice the weight of coffee grounds) over the coffee grounds to saturate them evenly. Allow it to bloom for at least 45 seconds.
  • After the bloom, slowly pour the remaining hot water in a circular motion over the coffee grounds, ensuring even wetting. Aim to pour in stages to maintain a consistent water level without overflowing the Chemex.
  • Allow the coffee to drip through the filter into the bottom of the Chemex. The entire brewing process should take around four to five minutes.
  • Once all the water has passed through the filter, discard the used coffee grounds and paper filter.
  • Serve the brewed coffee immediately and enjoy the rich flavors and aromas that the Chemex brewing method brings out.


Feel free to adjust the coffee-to-water ratio and grind size to suit your taste preferences. And don’t forget to appreciate the elegant design of your Chemex as you savor your freshly brewed coffee!


Serving: 2GlassCalories: 1kcalCarbohydrates: 0gProtein: 1g (2%)Fat: 0gSaturated Fat: 0gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0gMonounsaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 1mgPotassium: 0mgFiber: 0gSugar: 0gCalcium: 0mgIron: 0mg
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Variations & Tips For James Hoffmann Chemex Recipe


Flavorful Twist: Experiment with different types of coffee beans to discover unique flavors. Try a single-origin coffee for a distinct taste profile, or blend different beans for a complex flavor experience.

Sweet Sensation: Add a touch of sweetness to your coffee by incorporating flavored syrups or spices like cinnamon or nutmeg. Simply stir them into your brewed coffee for an extra layer of flavor.

Iced Delight: For a refreshing treat, brew your coffee using the Chemex method and let it cool to room temperature. Once cooled, pour the coffee over ice cubes for a chilled beverage perfect for warm days.


Consistent Grind: To ensure even extraction and a balanced flavor, use a quality burr grinder to grind your coffee beans to a consistent medium-coarse texture.

Water Quality: The taste of your coffee can be greatly influenced by the quality of water used. Use filtered or bottled water for the best results, as tap water with impurities can alter the flavor of your brew.

Patience is Key: Take your time with each step of the brewing process, from blooming the coffee to pouring the water in a steady, controlled manner. This patience will result in a well-balanced and delicious cup of coffee to enjoy.

what to serve with James Hoffmann Chemex?

When you’re serving James Hoffmann’s Chemex coffee, you’ll want to pair it with something that complements its smooth and rich flavors. Here are some simple ideas:

Baked Goods: Serve some freshly baked pastries, croissants, muffins, or scones. Their buttery or fruity flavors can enhance the coffee’s taste.

Nuts: Roasted nuts like almonds, cashews, or pecans can add a crunchy element to the pairing. Their earthy flavors can also complement the coffee’s complexity.

Roasted Nuts For James Hoffmann Chemex Coffe As A Side
Roasted Nuts For James Hoffmann Chemex Coffe As A Side

Yogurt or Granola: Serve yogurt with granola or muesli for a light and healthy option. The yogurt’s creaminess and the granola’s crunchiness can contrast nicely with the coffee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is James Hoffmann?

James Hoffmann is a well-known coffee expert and YouTuber who shares tips and tutorials on making coffee at home. He’s famous for his expertise in the specialty coffee world.

What should I serve with James Hoffmann’s Chemex coffee?

You can serve a variety of things with Chemex coffee to enhance its flavors. Some good options include baked goods like pastries, fresh fruit, cheese, nuts, chocolate, or yogurt with granola.

Why pair food with Chemex coffee?

Pairing food with Chemex coffee can enhance your overall coffee-drinking experience. It can bring out different flavor notes in the coffee and provide a balanced and enjoyable taste sensation.

Can I serve anything else with Chemex coffee?

Yes, you can get creative with your pairings! Some people also enjoy serving sandwiches, light salads, or even breakfast items like eggs and bacon with Chemex coffee.

Do I need to stick to specific flavors when choosing pairings?

Not necessarily. While some flavors may complement Chemex coffee better than others, the most important thing is to choose foods you enjoy. Experiment with different pairings to find what you like best.

How can I make sure the pairings don’t overpower the coffee?

It’s a good idea to choose foods with subtle flavors that won’t overwhelm the coffee. Stick to simple, light, and complementary flavors that can enhance rather than compete with the coffee’s taste.

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Serving James Hoffmann’s Chemex coffee is not just about the coffee itself, but also about the experience. Pairing it with pastries, fruits, cheese, nuts, chocolate, or yogurt with granola can elevate the enjoyment of your coffee break.

Experimenting with different flavors and combinations can add fun and excitement to your coffee routine. Remember, the key is to keep it simple and let the flavors of the coffee shine through.

So when you’re hosting a gathering or enjoying a quiet moment alone, serving Chemex coffee with tasty accompaniments is sure to delight your taste buds.

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