Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipe

If you’re a fan of Olive Garden drinks then this Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipe is for you. In this article, I’ve tried to make the Popular Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipe with some valuable tips that you’ll like the most.

Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipe
Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipe

What Is Olive Garden Mango Martini?

Olive Garden is a chain of casual dining establishments in the United States of America that specializes in Italian-American cuisine. Restaurant headquarters are in Orange County, Florida, and it operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, Inc.

Olive Garden restaurant serves many foods and drink items. The olive Garden Mango Martini is one of them and is unique among martinis. It is prepared using Rum, Triple Sec, Mango Puree Or Mango Nectar, Lime Juice, and Sweet & Sour Mix.

This recipe for an Olive Garden Mango Martini requires just seven different ingredients and a few basic bar utensils which I explained in detail below.

The Ingredients Needs For Olive Garden Mango Martini:

Rum: You will need 2 oz of Malibu Mango Flavored Caribbean Rum for this Mango Martini.

Triple Sec: You will need 3/4 oz triple sec liqueur. Use Arrow Or Phillips Brand Triple Sec Liqueur for the best result.

Mango Puree Or Mango Nectar: You will need 2 oz of Mango Puree Or Mango Nectar. Use Monin brand mango puree or use Goya
brand Mango Nectar for good flavor.

Sweet & Sour Mix: You can make your own sweet & sour mix, or you can use 1 oz Mr. & Mrs brand, Sweet & Sour Mix.

Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipe Ingredients
Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipe Ingredients

Lime Juice: Use 1 oz fresh lime juice or buy lime juice from a store(Fresh lime juice is recommended.)

Ice: Use good quality ice cubes.

Salt: Use table salt to rim the martini glass.

The Tools Needs For Olive Garden Mango Martini:

Cocktail Shaker, Saucer, Strainer, Jigger, and 12 oz Martini Glass.

So, let’s see How To Make The Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipe!

Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipe

Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipe

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Follow this Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipe ingredients and directions and make a perfect mango martini like Olive Garden Restaurant.
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Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 250 kcal

Equipment & Tools

  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Saucer
  • Strainer
  • Jigger
  • 12 Oz Martini Glass



  • To get the martini glass ready, rub the rim of your martini glass with the cut end of a lime wedge.
  • Run the rim of the glass over some salt and then set it aside.
  • In a cocktail shaker add Malibu Mango Flavored Caribbean Rum, Triple Sec Liqueur, Mango Puree Or Mango Nectar, Sweet & Sour Mix, and Fresh Lime Juice with some ice cubes.
  • Shake all the ingredients together for 5 to 6 seconds to mix well.
  • Strain the cocktail into the salt-rimmed martini glass.
  • Add a lime wedge as garnish (Optional.)
  • Enjoy Olive Garden Mango Martini at home!


Serving: 8ozCalories: 250kcal (13%)Carbohydrates: 14.9g (5%)Protein: 0.6g (1%)Fat: 0.2gSaturated Fat: 0.1g (1%)Polyunsaturated Fat: 0gMonounsaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 1875mg (82%)Potassium: 128mg (4%)Fiber: 1g (4%)Sugar: 25.2g (28%)Calcium: 10mg (1%)Iron: 0mg
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Valuable Tips

Can I Substitute Any Of The Ingredients For The Olive Garden Mango Martini?

The flavor will vary slightly, but Sweet & Sour Mix and different brands of mango puree or nectar are all good alternatives. If you wanted to experiment with the flavor of this mango martini, you might use a different brand of rum.

What To Serve With This Olive Garden Mango Martini?

Cheddar Olives For Olive Garden Mango Martini

Cheddar Olives: The sharp cheddar pastry and salty green olives match the powerful, bitter flavor of a mango martini. Cheddar Olives are a great pair with this Olive Garden Mango Martini.

Salmon Rillettes: This allows for a fun experiment where you can taste both the rillettes and the mango martini. Smoked fish contrasts rather than enhances the flavor of a mango martini.

Sirloin Steak Sandwiches: Although a mango martini goes well with an expensive steak dinner, it would be great to serve it with a steak sandwich, which is much less expensive. An Olive Garden Mango Martini goes very well with sirloin steak as a side.

Can I Make This Olive Garden Mango Martini Ahead Of Time?

The Olive Garden Mango Martini can be prepared in advance. The ingredients for this mango martini can be combined in a pitcher and refrigerated in the refrigerator ahead of time. To serve, just add salt around the rim of the glass, fill it with ice, and then add the martini.

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The Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipe is worth trying. You can easily make this Olive Garden Mango Martini at home with 7 ingredients, a few bar utensils, and 2 minutes of preparation. Your party guests will be surprised if you serve them this drink.

Simply gather the tools and ingredients mentioned above to prepare this Mango Martini for your loved ones. I hope you enjoyed the Olive Garden Mango Martini Recipe. You should feel free to forward this mango martini recipe to your friends and family if you think they would enjoy making their own version of this cocktail as much as you will. Also, please share your thoughts by commenting.

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