The Smoothie Diet Program Review-Benefits Side Effects Customer Reviews

Smoothies are pure love! Ask people who are trying to lose weight or who are always

on their feet and they will confirm. They’re snappy and simple, and they’re super filling. Done right, they are scrumptious as well. But how do you incorporate them correctly into your diet to get the most out of them?

In the event that you’ve been pondering about that, The Smoothie Diet by Drew Scouts may help. This ebook is a compilation of the healthiest shakes you can consume to lose weight.

So is it simply one more cookbook? No, it is much more. It’s a personalized 21-day weight loss program with shakes. But it works? Find out in our Smoothie diet review.

What is The Smoothie Diet Program?

The Smoothie Diet is a 21-day diet program created to reduce your overall sugar intake by consuming fresh smoothies daily. The objective is to impact insulin and glucose creation and affectability, just as accomplish feasible weight reduction.

To state that the program is only a framework for smoothies and juices is really an understatement. It is a complete guide to modifying your physical condition, diet, and life in general. The system is equipped with the essential things you need to get there.

The Smoothie Diet Program
The Smoothie Diet Program


The programs include several components. All of these allow you to gain access when you purchase the program. This includes the main guide, smoothie schedule, shopping lists, recipe cards, a journal, a healthy eating guide, and an exercise plan. In the system, you can easily see that everything is fixed.

From your shopping to shake making to your diet program to your progress and clean eating habits. It also comes with different recipes to make sure anyone can use it. Aside from this, it has additional free guides that include diabetic-friendly recipes, kid-friendly shakes, and gluten-free recipes.

It’s worth noting that the program not only includes smoothies but also offers meal plans for healthier eating habits. The best part of the program is that the entire system is available online.

This means you don’t have to pay for shipping or wait for your order to arrive. All you have to do is log into your account and get all the content by downloading it on your PC, laptop, or mobile devices.

Who created the smoothie diet program?

Board Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Expert, Drew Sgoutas is the creator of The Smoothie. Drew is widely recognized for helping thousands of people achieve their health, fitness, and weight loss goals through the strategic use of juices and shakes.

Board Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Expert, Drew Sgoutas
Board Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Expert, Drew Sgoutas


Drew focuses on teaching you the importance of using real ingredients, healthy foods, and home-cooked food for optimal health, rather than just handing them your customers’ recipes and sending them your way.

What will you learn from the smoothie diet program?

The Smoothie Diet is a 21-day diet program that can be repeated. It aims to reduce sugar consumption and promote weight loss. Every week, you are given a week-by-week shopping list that you will require for the whole week.

It also gives you a guide to your smoothie recipes, as well as a daily smoothie calendar. This helps you schedule ahead and plan your meals. It also comes with an optional three-day detox. You can rehash the program as regularly as you like.

Allows you to calculate the best caloric insufficiency

You can’t lose weight if you don’t have the proper calorie deficit. It will not be enough to estimate the calorie count and swallow several glasses of shakes. It is important that you include the calorie formula that involves your height, current weight, and age so that you can achieve the ideal calorie deficit before starting the program.

Daily meal replacement

This program also offers a daily meal replacement. The ideal arrangement is to locate an option for a couple of dinners a day using one of the smoothie recipes. The type of food you want to drink is entirely up to you. His other foods are solid foods, based on the recipe list and recommended foods.

Recipes without shakes included in the program are Brown Rice and Black Beans, Bell Pepper Tacos, and Balsamic Chicken Salad. Also includes recipes such as Carrot Noodle Salad, Strawberry Quinoa Spinach Salad, and Brown Rice Salad with Spinach and Apple.

Teach you to prepare for your weekly consumption

You will be making numerous shakes for the next three weeks. To make the eating regimen program more practical and advantageous, the program furnishes you with a shopping list that is gathered week by week and by shake.

The shopping list incorporates the things you requirement for a smoothie. But, you also have a recommended shopping list to buy everything you will need throughout the week.

Between meals

Aside from whole grain meals and smoothies, you will need to eat a small snack that is not only low in sugar but also high in fiber. Most snacks range from 150 to 200 calories. The program offers a comprehensive list of snacks that you can use as a guide.

Realistic weight loss

According to research, this program will produce a realistic weight loss of approximately two to three pounds per week. During the smoothie diet program, your weight loss may increase.

However, it could be challenging for most of the show. Several users have lost around 50 to 70 pounds after several cycles of diet plans. It is not very realistic to expect you to lose 50 pounds in just two weeks of being on the program.

On the off chance that weight reduction is your definitive objective, it would require a few patterns of re-trying the program.

Quick start guide

Although bouncing straight into the day-by-day diet and avoiding the primary guide is not recommended, you can always do so if you wish. This guide allows you to access your daily schedule quickly. The guide reveals smoothies with different characteristics for a particular day.

Cheat day every week

The Smoothie Diet program offers a weekly cheat day, so feel free to use it to your advantage. While on the program, you will have sugar cravings, especially for the first week. The scheduled cheat day helps relieve mental fatigue. According to research, a cheat day can help provide stability in the management of essential hormones while on a diet.

Basic diet shake design

The program offers the basic principle of the Smoothie diet program. It also provides nutritional information that dispels various myths and errors about weight loss. The main guide includes detailed recipes and shopping lists for all shakes.

Optional three-day detox

This is optional, but it is very useful as it allows you to eliminate unwanted toxins from your body. It will also maximize your organs which are essential for weight loss and to support your metabolism. If you consume fast, processed foods before starting the program, detox is an excellent foundation before continuing with the Shake Diet Program.

Premium options

One-on-one email coaching

If you are the sort who requires more close to home counsel with respect to your daily calorie intake, shakes, and meals, there is email coaching.

How does the smoothie diet program work?

The Smoothie diet is intended to show brings about only 21 days. You will need to start with a 3-day detox before starting the actual 21-day program. This helps flush out all the toxins and prepare your body.

At that point start your 3-week venture, during which two strong dinners every day are supplanted with smoothies made with new, common fixings. The third feast ought to be a low-calorie dinner of your decision.

The program suggests that you take a cheat day each week, although there is a recommended list of foods every day. You can repeat the plan each time you feel like you’ve gained weight.

21 Days Smoothie Diet Program
21 Days Smoothie Diet Program


What do you need to eat during this program? The ingredients of the shakes that you will consume during the program focus on fruits and vegetables. They also include some healthy proteins and fats.

The guidelines will help you plan the only low-calorie solid meal of the day. The program offers whole-food recipes as well as low-sugar, high-fiber snack recommendations.

When you eat fresh fruits and vegetables and add low-calorie meals with lean protein and good fats, you remove toxins from processed foods from your diet. You likewise quit devouring unfortunate nourishments.

Therefore, this plan helps fix dietary and lifestyle problems and reverses the adverse effects that prolonged consumption of unhealthy foods has had on your body, from obesity to diabetes.

The diet can reduce your daily calorie intake to 1,200 calories. If you boil down to three low-calorie meals a day, including two 400 calorie meals, you are sure to see a drastic drop in weight.

Plus, the shakes are loaded with fiber, as well as being rich in good carbohydrates, fruit sugars, plant-based proteins, etc. Therefore, they curb your food cravings and keep you full for longer.

The Smoothie diet begins a chain of good propensities and changes in your eating regimen and lifestyle. Therefore, it eliminates the factors that contribute to diseases and alleviates the symptoms of health conditions.

It is impossible for any diet plan to have a lifelong effect on your body if you do not strive to maintain your weight and shape. The program teaches you to incorporate shakes into your regular diet.

How to use the Smoothie diet?

Before starting The Smoothie Diet program, you should follow a 3-day detox plan during which the three solid meals of the day should be replaced with shakes.

Once you start the 21-day plan, you will consume meal replacement shakes twice a day for breakfast and lunch, while the third meal, that is, dinner, will include solid foods. You can also have some filling sandwiches.

Do not worry; there is a lot of space for adjustments. You can have an adaptable day where you can have one shake rather than two so you don’t get exhausted or desires.

Some users even go so far as to replace all three meals a day with shakes, although that can cause a deficiency of the necessary proteins and fats. You can repeat the cycle whenever you want.

You must also remember that this is only the beginning of a long journey. This program will only last a few weeks, after which you should continue to eat healthy, healthy, and low-calorie foods.

Pros and Cons of The Smoothie Diet Program

The smoothie diet involves drinking smoothies, which are primarily made from fruits and vegetables. They are usually low in calories and provide you with daily phytonutrients, forming part of your healthy diet.


  • The program offers extensive and comprehensive meal preparation guidelines
  • Contains different variations of smoothie recipes.
  • The program offers a daily shake planner.
  • It comes with an optional three-day detox plan.
  • The program offers one cheat day per week.
  • Low calorie shakes with natural ingredients
  • Make grocery shopping easy with shopping lists
  • Quick and easy meal arrangement and consumption noticeably weight and fat misfortune in under a month
  • An extraordinary approach to improvise skin, hair, and body.


  • Diet rich in carbohydrates, although all complex and natural
  • You must start with conscious eating habits to maintain the results of the diet.
  • Only available for sale on the official website
  • In fact, diet brings a drastic change to your body.
  • This program may not be reasonable for individuals with food hypersensitivities.
  • Daily shake making can be time-consuming and labor-intensive

Who should try this diet? Who shouldn’t?

The importance of smoothies, with fresh fruits and vegetables, is indisputable. So The Smoothie Diet is an excellent plan for those looking to start a weight loss journey.

They can likewise assume a fundamental part in adding supplements to the eating routine of individuals who are consistently in a hurry. Smoothies can enable individuals to wind up skipping breakfast or eating undesirable suppers outside.

Shakes can load you up with some quick carbs before your workout sessions. They advance weight reduction by keeping you satisfied for longer hours. Therefore, they are perfect for compulsive eaters.

Interestingly, the digital book has a section dedicated to children! Yes, you can improve your child’s nutrition with the help of smoothies, and The Smoothie Diet will teach you how to do it right.

In any case, who should avoid the smoothie diet? Since the shakes are made from natural ingredients, anyone with food allergies should exercise caution when following this diet plan.

It is a good idea to consult a doctor or nutrition expert if you suspect that you are allergic to any of the ingredients suggested in the meal plan.

You should also consult your doctor or dietitian if you are diabetic or have any other health condition that restricts the consumption of certain foods.

Side effects of the smoothie diet Program

Since the main ingredients in the shakes are fruits and vegetables, you can suffer from nutritional deficiencies if you follow this plan for several months after the 21-day program.

Since it is a liquid diet, there is a possibility that you will face reduced energy levels. The drastic change in diet can also cause dizziness, nausea, concentration problems, headaches, diarrhea, etc.

Long-term consumption of liquid shakes can lead to loss of muscle mass. You can also develop gallstones or digestive problems if you are on a liquid diet for several months.

You can likewise build up an unfortunate relationship with strong nourishments as you lose practice with sound propensities for parcel control, the circumstance of dinners, managing food cravings, etc.

Therefore, it is fundamental to follow the rules for 21 days to join great proteins and fats, along with other nutrients. Over time, you should return to solid food and eat a healthy diet.

How To Buy The Smoothie Diet And The Deals To Look For

The Smoothie Diet can only be purchased from the official website. The stage utilizes ClickBank as an installment stage. This implies that you will get a protected passage.

The Smoothie Diet Pricing
The Smoothie Diet Pricing


The full package is priced at $ 47. But if you visit the site at the right time, you may be able to take advantage of a $ 10 discount, bringing the price down to $ 37.When you complete the installment, you will gain admittance to the advanced book. A printed copy won’t be shipped off your postage information and you can start using the e-books right away.

Why Is The Smoothie Diet Book Helpful? Is it a Scam?

Not just to lose weight. Sometimes your body requires detoxification. This 21-day smoothie diet plan will help you follow a detox plan, removing all impurities from your body. You feel light and vigorous reestablishing all the lost minerals and nutrients.

It does not harm your body. They have fewer calories. Increase them with protein and healthy fats to make them tasty and to get the added benefits from them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the shake diet?

It was a 21-day shake diet, it is an e-book prepared by Drew Sgoutas that contains a program and plans for three weeks that show which shakes ought to be taken each day.

Is The Smoothie Diet program useful for weight reduction?

This diet will help you lose about 2-3 pounds per week. You should expect to shed up to 50-70 pounds if you repeat this diet plan multiple times.

Are there any side effects when using The Smoothie Diet program?

There is no need to worry about any kind of smoothie diet side effect. Because there are no recorded side effects of the 21 Day Shake Diet, as it is prepared at home and is completely natural.

Why is the shake diet useful?

This program is not only to lose weight, but it will also help you follow a detox plan, eliminating all impurities from your body. You feel light and enthusiastic reestablishing all the lost minerals and vitamins.

Who was the maker of The Smoothie Diet program?

The Smoothie Diet was made by Drew Sgoutas, a sustenance master and affirmed wellbeing mentor.

The smoothie diet program customer reviews

The smoothie diet program customer reviews
The smoothie diet program customer reviews


The Smoothie Diet Reviews: Final Thoughts: Should I Buy It?

Are you planning to start eating healthy and losing weight but don’t know where to start? The smoothie diet can be a healthy and nutritious way to start your journey.

It’s a quick and easy plan to lose weight and fat and completely transform your body in no time. That’s not all. You can also change your lifestyle and instill good eating habits.

The 21-day plan includes two meal replacement shakes and a low-calorie solid meal to start your weight loss journey. You can reverse the harmful effects of toxic foods on your body.

Toward the finish of the 21-day plan, the program will assist you with making a cognizant transition to a sustainable solid food diet plan. It also incorporates shakes to help maintain the new body that you acquire through this diet.

Even if it doesn’t work for you, you can still request a refund. In this way, it is a sheltered alternative to attempt a way of life change where you will understand the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Altogether, it is a must-try.

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