My Back-Pain Coach Review | Is It The Best Back-Pain Solution?

My Back-Pain Coach Review: Back pain is something we all have to deal with at least once in our lives. Sometimes it is due to an injury at work or during sports. Sometimes we lift an object that is simply too heavy. Other times, it is only old age that can affect us. But the good news is that there is a solution.

No matter what your situation is, this Back Pain Trainer Review can and will help you. Stop fighting back pain, stop doing crazy exercises, and waste time trying to fix it with things that don’t work.

This has what you need to be successful and feel better. It is an easy-to-follow program that is available through the Internet for easy access. Many others have found it useful.

What is my back pain trainer?

My Back-Pain Coach is an excellent program that uses safe and effective methods developed by a certified and highly qualified personal trainer named Ian Hart. Ian is a man who knows what happens when it comes to back pain. He was in the middle of that pain for 10 years. He works with people in his health and fitness every day so that he can also help him.

My Back-Pain Coach Review
My Back-Pain Coach Review

The program itself is a plan to help you manage your back pain. Ian has devised an unusual method, and it is a 16 minute, 8 movement routine. It will alleviate years of back and lumbar pain. Your body will follow the movements and rebalance itself, after just one session of the program!

Even if you are bedridden or taking a lot of pain relievers, you experience excruciating back pain, you may have a strong back again. You can go back to normal shifts at work and even exercise more easily than before.

How to follow?

You will follow the series of videos contained in the program to obtain results. Not only will you get helpful videos, but you’ll also get some bonuses. These bonuses are called Sciatica and Piriformis Life Relief and one that will help you get out of the ill effects of sitting all day.

Many of us work in office jobs, so this is very helpful. The sciatic nerve is the largest in the body, says information from Ian Hart. So if it ever gets compressed or contorted, you will end up in terrible pain! Having this resource will be very helpful in case this happens (but we hope it doesn’t).

And if you’re sitting, Ian Hart calls him a “silent killer”. Even if you are healthy, your back and neck may hurt.

Who Is Ian Hart?

Ian Hart is a cat of all trades. He runs a personal training company at multiple locations in the United States. At their workplace, they work miracles. Their fitness company has grown like a herb because they get things done quickly, effectively, and best of all, safely.

Ian Hart (Creator)
Ian Hart (Creator)

Ian has many designations and certifications under his belt. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Ian is Equinox Tier 3 EFTI Certified, has 2 Kettlebell Training Certificates, has a Certificate in Integrated Stretching Techniques, and is also CPR familiar. It has been featured in many popular publications like Men’s HealthMagazine and even on the Men’s Health website.

Ian is the Outstanding Health Expert at New York 1 News. He has appeared as a special guest on the Mike and Juliet Morning Show. And, above all, he is expanding his knowledge by working to obtain his Master of Science in Sports.

People in countries around the world have used this useful program to control their back pain. Customer success stories are numerous, and Ian knows what it’s like. He spent ten years suffering and knows how expensive and exhausting it can be. Ian will guide you to health!

What will you learn from my back pain coach?

You will learn a lot from My Back Pain Trainer. First, you will learn how to relieve back pain is a very useful and natural way. You will learn how to do it using only exercises developed by a real live personal trainer, with many certifications to his credit.

Just follow some 16-minute videos great for us busy parents and career folks, and then you’ll find your way to better health. Plus, there are only eight techniques in the entire video, making it easy for you.

There are many videos to read in this program. The library is extensive. You will follow a three-level program. Each level lasts about 30 minutes. That is the time for basic training.

You will learn what to do so that your problems can be solved. This is accomplished through ten videos of training sessions in which Ian Hart informs you of specific cases, such as “How to increase flexibility and mobility of your back” or “8 dangerous mistakes that make your back pain worse.” You will also learn about the right time to do these exercises, for example, Ian has created one that should be done at the beginning of the day. It’s called (spoiler alert!) Begin Your Day Program, and it’s a full-body routine.

My Back-Pain Coach Relief Procedure
My Back-Pain Coach Relief Procedure

You will learn how this program eliminates pain in different areas of the body, such as the neck, shoulders, and ankles. Therefore, you will not only get back on track but also the other parts of yourself.

My back pain trainer Pros and cons

Take a look at these pros and cons to see if this eBook is right for you.


Refund guarantee. Ian Hart never wants you to be unhappy or dissatisfied. If you need it, you can take advantage of a 60-day money-back guarantee.

He is even allowed to keep the show as a token of appreciation, says Ian. That is a really good policy.

The exercises are great for you. The exercises are enjoyable and easy to complete. They are not stressful for the body, such as lifting weights, running, or cycling.

You will really feel like you are exercising, which is sure to boost your mood and make you feel ready to start your day. Your body will become stronger as it goes through the healing movements. The more you complete them, the better it will be.

My Back-Pain Coach Before After Result
My Back-Pain Coach Before After Result

There are so many good customer testimonials. The website itself has a large library of quality customer testimonials. There are 38 minutes of people telling you about their relief. Check it out.

The price is affordable for many. At $ 37, you can’t beat it.


One thing that may affect others incorrectly is that it is just an ebook format. All videos have to be viewed on a device such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. So you may have some trouble connecting this to your TV if it’s the type that wants it there. Also, if you like physical books, that is not available.

There should be more text instructions on what to do. Not everyone wants to watch a video, and not all of us will find ourselves in a situation where we can watch the videos when we wake up (let’s say the Internet goes down). Therefore, having a manual to consult can be good.

Does it work for you?

Yes! Perhaps the best indication of this will be the video testimonials found on the website. You can take a look and see for yourself how men and women everywhere have benefited from Ian’s program.

And don’t worry if you think you can’t. Ian shows her ways to get on and off the floor, avoiding pain and injury. You can learn to use these techniques in your regular workouts for a better and more comfortable experience.

Doing all of these moves and listening to Ian Hart talk about them will show you why and how they are important, and why they benefit you. You will certainly appreciate the greater flexibility, mobility, and overall relief that the My Back-Pain Coach program provides. It is truly a totally natural and effective way to feel better about yourself and regain your health again.

My Back-Pain coach 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
My Back-Pain coach 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

[Disclaimer: This link is an affiliate marketing link, I will receive a commission when I make a purchase using this link]

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Conclusion On My Back-Pain Coach Review

All in all, this is a great program that will get you back to where you need to be in life. Consult the testimonials of the clients who have followed this program and decide if it is suitable for you.

Take courage, as the exercises are intended for people of all ages and skill levels. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to do this! Just go online to the website and get your copy today. The longer you wait, the more it will bother you, and the more life you will lose. Good luck with quick relief!

[Disclaimer: This link is an affiliate marketing link, I will receive a commission when I make a purchase using this link]

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