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Cinderella Solution Review: A good weight loss solution is something that excites us all. However, most of the products and programs that promise to help you lose weight are not good enough. They are usually part of the fad science and fad diet ideologies that encourage unhealthy habits.

Therefore, even if you lose some weight on such programs, it is difficult to avoid weight loss. Also, many weight loss solutions require you to starve or give up entire food groups to speed up metabolism or fat burning. While this may reduce the number on the scale, it strips your body of vital nutrients that can negatively affect your body.

In this scenario, a product like The Cinderella Solution is a breath of fresh air. It certainly helps you develop healthier eating habits. However, it also focuses on teaching you more about the basics of food and how it works to fuel your body. With this program, you will get the correct information that will help you customize a plan that works best for your goals.

What exactly is Cinderella’s solution?

The Cinderella Solution is a 28-day weight loss program that is available as a series of PDF e-books. You can download them immediately once you purchase the plan. Also, like most easy-to-download PDF files, this program can be accessed through a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, or even its tab. This makes it incredibly convenient for daily use.

This weight loss program has been designed with women in mind and includes two key phases called Ignite and Launch. Each of these different phases lasts for two weeks and comes with meal plans.

Rather than focus on eliminating entire food groups, this program focuses on the right food combinations to maximize the rate of weight loss and fat burning. There is also a low-intensity training guide contained within the program. Most of the exercises in this system focus on the muscles of the buttocks, hips, and abdominals.

Now some people prefer to learn about the program before jumping straight into their routine. On the other hand, others may want to take the plunge and simply start. No matter which squad you belong to, The Cinderella Solution has an option for your preference. Cinderella Solution‘s main program includes two different ways from which you can choose what suits you best.

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In most cases, the 17-page Quick Start Guide for the Cinderella Solution is an excellent starting point. Even if you have no idea about nutrition, it can help you get a lot of useful information in a relatively short time. Although it is not too long, it immerses you in the program and how it will unfold. Plus, you’ll learn what to do and when you can get the best results from your efforts.

How does Cinderella’s solution work?

The Cinderella solution has been designed with women and their unique problems in mind. Specifically, the program focuses on ICE dysfunction. This focuses on the philosophy of insulin hormone imbalance. In the case of women who have an imbalance of insulin hormones, their metabolic rate is usually one of the first to be affected.

With the Cinderella solution, you will learn some useful tips and tricks to stay one step ahead of this imbalance and its unpleasant effects. The main principle focuses on restarting and regulating the function of three essential hormones that regulate metabolism, fat, and weight loss.

You will learn how to increase your life expectancy simply by eating healthy and in the right way. Plus, you’ll get information on the right drinks and foods to eat to get closer to and maintain your target weight. This program also discusses the concept of specific weight loss. With a better understanding of the shift sequences, she also explains how these beat cardiovascular workouts.

Cinderella Solution Before After
Cinderella Solution Before After

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This system works perfectly for women over 30 who have more than 10 pounds to lose. Additionally, this program has a direct approach to weight loss. Unlike many programs that are not backed by sound nutritional information, this is not an unhealthy or dangerous scam. In our opinion, the information in this guide is good enough to help you get closer to your goals in a sensible and sustainable way. Also, if you want a solution easy enough to follow and don’t need additional investment, this is your best option.

Who created the Cinderella solution?

As is the case with any fitness program or weight loss product, understanding who created it can help you estimate its potency and benefits. In the case of The Cinderella Solution, the program is designed by Carly Donovan. Like many other women in the U.S., even Carly had struggled to lose weight and stay sustainably and healthy.

Even before she defined this show and presented it to the public, Donovan was involved in physical exercise. She was a fitness instructor at her local gym and conducted some classes regularly. Despite this, Carly suffered weight problems. Many people used to talk about the fact that she still didn’t have a perfectly toned body despite exercising so much.

With some tests and a few visits to the doctor, Donovan was found to have developed diabetes due to her nearly 100-pound weight gain. This was the last straw for Donovan, and he promised to finally find something that would help her lose weight forever.

Although she describes herself as a normal Jane and a mother on her blog, she finally gained a wealth of information that helped her lose weight. This information was combined into a reliable program, which we know as “Cinderella’s Solution“.

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One of the most amazing facts about this program is that it was created by someone who is not a fitness guru or an expert. Instead, it is the creation of a real woman who went through the difficulties of weight gain arising from metabolic or hormonal imbalance and the accompanying problems.

What is this program about?

Now that we have taken a look at the overview of the program and its creator, let’s dive into the details of the Cinderella Solution. The central manual of this program contains four different parts.

Part One: Cinderella’s Solution Explained
This part of the program begins with a basic introduction to the program and how you can best start your journey. The next chapter contains information on pairing foods based on flavor profiles, as well as the right time to nourish your body. Details on thin sequencing exercises follow this chapter. You also get the two critical phases of the program known as Ignite and Launch in this first part.

Part Two: Your Daily Nutrition Plan
In the second part of the program, you will get 14-day calendars as well as daily meal preparation plans. These help you understand the best way to nourish your body and eat well to lose weight. Also, if you are looking for innovative recipes, this part of the program is right for you.

In addition to meals and recipes, this part also has information on macro nutrition and pairings. There is a wealth of information related to different food groups and the best corresponding foods. With this information, making a meal plan that is full of flavor, but useful for losing weight, becomes much easier.

Part Three: DIY Foods and Flavor Pairing
The third part of The Cinderella Solution focuses on providing you with an even more detailed set of information. This information will surely help create nutritionally rich, but low-calorie meals.

Also, this phase helps with recipes that will take your ignition and launch phases into overdrive. You will also learn things like serving options and serving blocks that will help you make the right decisions regarding your diet.

Part Four: Top 10 Taste and Weight Loss Combinations
As the title suggests, the fourth part of the program focuses on providing information on food combos and tasty ingredients to fuel your weight loss journey. At this stage, you have been exposed to exhaustive information that assures you that you are ready to take on the challenge of losing weight and emerge victoriously.

Cinderella Solution Diet Plan
Cinderella Solution Diet Plan


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What we liked about the program

The Cinderella solution is among the best options for sustainable and lasting weight loss. Due to its unique way of being compiled, there is definitely something for everyone in this show. Let’s take a look at some of the best features and benefits of this program.

Designed for women: Weight loss is not rocket science, although it can often seem that way. However, in any case, weight loss is different for men and women. Due to differences in body composition, hormonal function, and a wide variety of factors, women’s weight loss requires a different approach. In the case of The Cindrella Solution, we like how the program is tailored for women and their unique weight loss requirements.

It includes easy workouts: Although many people have embraced a happy life and made exercise a central part of their day, many women are practically unable to do it. Committing to the gym or pre-arranged workouts can be a challenge for stay-at-home moms or even working women.

This is the reason why Cinderella Solution is a good bet for those who are short on time. Unlike many competitive weight loss programs, Cinderella Solution workouts are not overly demanding, either in terms of equipment or in terms of intensity. This program focuses on diet and food combinations to do much of the work, helping to regulate hormones and increase weight loss.

Detailed information: One thing is for sure with The Cinderella Solution. You will not feel that you are not sufficiently informed. From your body’s hormonal function to macro nutrition and other equally informative topics, this program gives you enough scientifically backed information to help you lose all the extra weight forever.

Although a little intimidating, the program resets its full information cache and gives you everything you need to start having a better, healthier, and more balanced lifestyle. You will find many tips, facts, and theories about weight loss that you may not have known about before this program.

Practical and Useful Tools: The second part of this program offers some great tools that can help you on your journey with this program. The 14-day calendar is especially useful for keeping track of what you eat and when you eat it. Plus, detailed recipes can add a fun flavor to your routine. Most importantly, you won’t be short of tasty meals on this show.

Excellent value for money: For such a specialized program for women that offers so much information, The Cinderella Solution offers excellent value for money. If you buy online, you might even get some cool deals or offers. Unlike products or shakes that require you to make continuous purchases, this is a one-time purchase that is an excellent investment for women over 30 who want to lose weight forever.


Money Back Policy: We strongly believe in products that offer refunds. Simply put, fake products or scams will never offer you the option to return it if you are not satisfied.

However, a manufacturer who is confident in the quality of the program is more likely to ensure that the customer is satisfied. In the case of Cinderella Solution, we like them to offer a 60-day refund policy. If the program doesn’t adequately help resolve your weight loss problems, you can request a full refund.

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Customer Service: We won’t go so far as to say that this program comes with excellent customer service resources. However, the website has some interesting tips and tricks for those who have started this program and may have questions or difficulties.

What we did not like the Cinderella Solution

This program has no flaws of its own. These are some of the disadvantages of this product.

It requires commitment: In the case of any program or product that promises to help you lose weight, you must strive and commit to your side. Similarly, even with this program, if you want to achieve visible and lasting results, you will have to commit to the recommendations and follow them correctly. This means that you will have to change some old habits and reviews and unhealthy traits you may have. Also, you cannot be impatient and expect instant results.

It takes time for results to show – if you’re looking to drop two dress sizes in two months, this program is not the right choice for you. Since you must follow the meal plan for at least 28 days, you can start to see results only after this period. However, if you stick to meal plans and follow workouts as prescribed, there is no reason why you should not achieve your weight loss goals in good time.

Recommended for Women: While women tend to focus more on their weight issues, we can’t say that men don’t have weight-related issues. That is why we believe that the product’s female-only focus is a disadvantage for men seeking a helpful solution to their weight loss problems.

[Disclaimer: This link is an affiliate marketing link, I will receive a commission when I make a purchase using this link]

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Conclusion On Cinderella Solution Review

At this time, we have thoroughly analyzed the Cinderella Solution program in all its glory (or lack of glory). While this program undoubtedly has potential, it is best suited for women over the age of thirty who want a formidable solution to their problems.

Also, we like that this program is not based on unhealthy misconceptions about diet, exercise, nutrition, or lifestyle choices. It helps to simplify a complicated topic and helps you create delicious, but useful, meals to promote weight loss and fat burning. Additional information from this program will help you sleep better and look better. Some users claim that it also helps slow down the effects of aging.

In our opinion, this program could very well be the solution for your rising waist. The relatively low price tag and unique investment tag really make it a formidable opponent for existing leaders in the weight loss program market.

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