Best Starfucker Recipe

You can find the best Starfucker Recipe right here, along with many other drinks. You can find everything you need to know about Starfucker, including how to mix it and how to make it, no matter if you are a bartender or mixologist, but also how to make it at home.

Starfucker Recipe
Starfucker Recipe

The following components are used in his recipe:

DeKuyper watermelon pucker schnapps and Crown Royal Canadian whiskey. Also utilized is the Red Bull energy drink. It is important to remember that although a drink can come in any amount, it will be difficult to shoot if the shot exceeds two ounces. Keep the Starfucker under 2 oz, It’s called the Shooter Rule. It is one of those unwritten rules. Here I showed you the double shot starfucker recipe.

After you’ve gathered the necessary materials and directions for making Starfucker, you may finally enjoy this incredible mixed cocktail.

Starfucker Recipe

Preparation Time: 3 Minutes Cook Time: 00 Minutes Total Time: 3 Minutes

Type: Drinks Yield: 1 Servings Cuisine: Western Keyword: Starfucker Recipe


  • 4 oz Dkuyper Watermelon Pucker Schapps
  • 12 oz (1 can) Red Bull Energy Drink
  • 2 oz Crown Royal Canadian Whisky
Starfucker Recipe Ingredients
Starfucker Recipe Ingredients

Use glass for Starfucker Recipe

For the best presentation, it is recommended that you use the Double Shot Glass to serve the Double Shot Starfucker Recipe.

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Combine Red Bull, Crown Royal Canadian Whisky, and Dkuyper Watermelon Pucker schnapps in a shaker with ice. Pour into the double shot glass and serve.

Nutrition Information

About 504 Calories per Serving

Variations of Starfucker Recipe

There are many different ways to make Starfucker. Starfucker is a popular way to make it. You are, however, free to make your own Starfucker recipe and have a good time. Our website also offers many other drinks. Use our search tool to find more.

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In the USA, 21 is the legal drinking age. The Surgeon General advises that women shouldn’t drink alcohol during pregnancy due to the possibility of developing birth defects. Alcohol can impair your ability to drive or operate machinery and could cause health problems.


Starfucker Cocktail sounds strange, but it is a very popular drink. Red Bull‘s bitterness and the sweetness of watermelon schnapps help balance the whiskey. Although it is typically served in a shot, it can also be drunk as a swig. You can make the drink yourself if you are embarrassed enough to ask the bartender for the “Starfucker Shot”. It’s quite easy.

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